Larry Cohen is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker.

He is a writer on Borgia (Canal+/Netlfix).

He has worked on "In Treatment" (HBO), "The Philanthropist" (NBC) and "Copper" (BBC America). IMDB

He has produced projects featured on NPR, HDNet and the Guggenheim with Everynone.

His films have been featured at the Palm Springs Int’l ShortFest, San Francisco International Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, Independent Film Festival Boston and Vimeo.

He is currently re-learning how to use the Internet for social connectedness.

t +1 (347) 985-0122
twt @larryjcohen

Aporia, Andy Chugg, Derek Paul Boyle, Crinkles, Michael Driscoll, Everynone, Daniel Mercadante, Julius Metoyer III, The Moon, Rumors, Ryan Sciaino, Ben Sloane, Gregg Swiatlowski, Andrew Whittaker, WIN WIN