Official Selection - Independent Film Festival Boston (2011)

A day in the life of Danny, a high school hockey defenseman. School, girls, and his next-door neighbor: hockey legend Ken Daneyko.

Starring Josh Gutkin, Jonathan Dayton High School Bulldogs with NJ Devils Alumi Randy Velischek and Ken Daneyko.

Writer & Director Larry Cohen  
Producer  Timothy Whitney 
Director of Photography Andrew J. Whittaker 
Sound Design Gregg Swiatlowski
Music Ryan Sciaino

The film was written during the 2010 Winter Olympics, based on a dream I had about Ken Daneyko -- who in my mind, epitomizes Ice Hockey. It features a cast of mostly non-actors, shot on location at the South Mountain Arena and Randolph, NJ. My Grandmother was a diehard Devils fan, till she passed away in 2002. The film is dedicated to her.